I would like Eco-listic Cleaning to clean my office. How do I get started?

Simply give us a call or use our contact form. Once you have reviewed the information, you may schedule an initial, thorough cleaning!

How much does a typical cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning your office depends on various factors, such as size, amount of floor to be mopped, and number of bathrooms. On average, the cost of a routine cleaning ranges from *$145-$225.

We do request that each new client have an initial, thorough cleaning. On initial cleanings, we remove all of the dirt and dust from your office. Initial cleanings are a very thorough and intense cleaning that is priced hourly. The objective is to make your office easy to maintain for routine cleanings.

Weekly cleanings are less expensive than bi-weekly cleanings, and bi-weekly cleanings are less expensive than monthly cleanings.
*We do implement a minimum 2 hour charge for all routine cleanings

Does someone need to be present while your team cleans?

The only thing you need to do is allow us to gain access to your business. Certainly if you feel comfortable you can give us a key, which makes things much easier for our staff. But by no means do you need to be present for us to complete the job. If you decide to give us a key, we never store it with your information or full name for added security.

How do we identify your crew members when they are present in our facility?

We recognize that it’s important to know who’s who in your facility. That’s why each Eco-Listic employee is required to wear an Eco-Listic uniform and picture ID badge in plain sight.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

You can cancel your scheduled cleaning at any point up to the morning of your scheduled visit. In most cases if you were to call our office by 7am this will allow us plenty of time to successfully cancel your cleaning. Failure to cancel your scheduled visit will also result in a $25 service charge

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No, you sign nothing at all. Both parties work off of a written proposal that details services provided and their cost. You can make a change to your cleaning service or even terminate services with a phone call.

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Ready to get started? Have more questions?

Contact us to learn more, setup an appointment, or ask any question at all! Someone from our team will respond within one business day!