The “Green Issue” is more prevalent now than it has ever been, not only in the cleaning industry but in all walks of life.  It is rightly affecting the way we think about waste disposal issues. When you use many cleaning products, “harmful chemicals are being released into the environment.  Changing to greener methods “helps reduce pollution to our waterways as well as the air we breathe.  At Eco-Listic Cleaning we always promote recycling and in using eco-friendly products. Eco-Listic Cleaning is here to help you and meet your cleaning needs.

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Concerned Customers

  • 87%
  • 13%

87% of those surveyed¹ are concerned about the damaging effects of chemicals on the environment. They believe the government isn’t doing enough to protect our world. When you choose Eco-listic, your company is telling that 87% that you’re doing your part.

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Benefits of Green Cleaning

Science and technology now allow for products that clean with less aggressive ingredients. Eco-friendly cleaning assists in reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals that can endanger the health and safety of building occupants, visitors and the cleaning staff; plus, reducing negative impact on the environment. You are going to clean anyway, so why not enjoy eco-friendly cleaning.